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Here are links to some of my favorite sites on the web. I hope you find them helpful.

Byron Katie

The Work of Byron Katie

Julie Hutton Real Estate Agent

Julie Hutton, A Great Real Estate Agent

Cigarette in ashtray

Still smoking and wondering why people want you to quit?

Visit to learn why you should quit and how to do it successfully. This website is operated as a not for profit endeavor by volunteers dedicated to helping people successfully quit smoking.

Their free downloadable manual is a 149 page pdf document that shows you the most successful ways to quit and points you to resources to make sure you are successful. The website includes free videos and tons of information.

“I greatly admire the people behind this site. They take no (zero) money from this online service AND it is a massive resource--online video explanations, online support chats, and a huge library of educational materials and data.” --Julie Hutton